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Clinical Success

Dr. Lisa Cho, GP in Surrey, BC, attended BC Endo Solutions and immediately took her new knowledge and skills back to her office on Monday.

She completed two molar root canals within a few days and wanted to share her success with us.

“This particular one I just completed, #36, would have been a referral had I not taken the course. All your pearls of wisdom came into play as I was accessing to locate, instrument, disinfect and obturate the canals. The patient is my old receptionist and I was very happy to be able to provide this service for her. I’m confident that she can now use her tooth without feeling discomfort every now and then.”


Dr. Sarah Harland, Tsawwassen

“Dr. Fransen, Dr. Hallen & Dr. Sha’s course is definitely worth your time. It is intensive, an excellent educational opportunity and these mentors not only provide us with their expertise, but also do so in such a manner that it is engaging and interesting to general dentists. The mutual respect and camaraderie between these specialists is evident, and they add enough humour to what could otherwise be quite dry material, that they keep their audience highly engaged. I highly recommend this course to anyone struggling with endodontics, or wanting to further their expertise in this specialty. Very well organized as well.”

Dr. Daniel Vaida, Coquitlam

“Excellent course, very well organized, very knowledgeable instructors, lots of good tips. Working under the microscope was an eye opener. Live demonstration of treating a difficult case by Dr. Fransen, with great explanations by Dr. Hallen (he could narrate for National Geographic documentaries) was the culmination of three days of great instruction in Endodontics. Food was very good as well!”

Dr. Carlos Lopez, Calgary AB

“I really learned a lot in this course. I increased my knowledge in this field and I had the opportunity to do hands-on practice with different new rotary systems. I feel more confident now for treating simple and medium difficulty cases. I am also able to recognize the complex cases that I have to refer to the specialists because they are beyond the scope of my skills. I would recommend this course for all dentists and especially those like me that need an update of theknowledge and skills in endodontics.”

Dr. Allan Dickens, Williams Lake BC

“This course is well paced, full of valuable information and practical pearls you can use in the office on Monday. The faculty really care that your learning objectives are met. There is a good mix of lecture, lab time, and live patient demonstration. I would recommend this course both for good value and good content.”

Dr. Karim Seddik

“This is an excellent course to brush up on the basics and to advance your clinical skills in managing challenging cases. Instructors did a wonderful job on making the material very practical and current. I definitely got all my learning goals met from this course.”

Dr. Jason Nijjer

“Great course with instructors that provide the foundation to provide everyday bread and butter endo treatment in a general dentistry setting.”