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rotary endo training for the general practitioner

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B.C. Endo Solutions
Hands-On Endo CE Training in Rotary Endodontics to take back to your office on Monday

Our hands-on Endo CE training program is designed to help you do better endodontics, to reduce the stress of RCT procedures and increase your success. We will help you eliminate any weak links in your endodontic skill set.

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Our Venue - #300, 15850 24 Ave, Surrey BC
The Pacific Oral Health Society, located in Surrey, British Columbia, right off Hwy 99, hosts a phenomenal space for Continuing Dental Education. They are dedicated to providing access to oral and dental health care for lower income and vulnerable individuals and families in the Fraser Valley region of British Columbia. Their mission is to work with established agencies in the community, such as food banks, women's shelters, hospice societies as well as drug and alcohol rehabilitation centres to assist individuals who currently do not receive professional oral health care.

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Next dates for BC Endo Solutions are January 24-26, 2020

Early bird discount of $140 if you register by December 20th
New dental school grads receive $200 off,
and we gift you $200 off for every friend you send our way

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