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ENDO NEWSLETTER: SEPTEMBER 2020: Endodontic Irrigant Effect on Biofilm Removal

The goal of endodontic treatment is the eradication of micro-organisms located in the root canal system…

ENDO NEWSLETTER: FEBRUARY 2020: Storytime… Furcal-Tastic!

Last year, a nineteen-year-old young woman presented with tooth 36 which had necrotic pulp and symptomatic…

ENDO NEWSLETTER: JANUARY 2020: Storytime… MD – Mal Diagnosis…

A 33-year-old construction worker self-referred himself for a second opinion. Six months previously he fell over forty feet resulting in severe injuries that kept him hospitalised for several weeks. Near the end of his stay, a fascial space infection developed in the right cheek. Since then, he endured a cacophony of IV and oral antibiotics to no avail. With a no discernable diagnosis and a recalcitrant, but constrained, infection a rebukable extra-oral incision was performed. An unaesthetic indentation will serve as a permanent reminder of this contemptuous misadventure…

ENDO NEWSLETTER: NOVEMBER 2019: Removal of Separated Instruments from Root Canals

Endodontic instrument fracture during root canal treatment occurs in 2% to 5% of cases. Removal of instrument fragments in infected root canals or the coronal third of canals should be attempted if they cannot be successfully bypassed, because resultant persistent periapi-cal infection and additional surgi-cal treatment can increase patient morbidity and raise treatment costs. The American Association of Endodontists and the American Academy of Oral and Maxillofacial Radiology recommend cone beam computed tomography use to assess separated endodontic instruments.

ENDO NEWSLETTER: OCTOBER 2019: Choosing Between Endodontic Treatment and Implant Placement

Patients with diseased dental pulp have traditionally received non­surgical root canal treatment. However, the development of modern osseointegrated dental implants has changed the calculus for many of these patients, and current trends appear to favor implants as the standard proce­dure in cases that would have previ­ously undergone endodontic treat­ment. Although many studies have been conducted comparing outcomes from the 2 treatment options, estab­lishing which procedure is more pre­dictable remains problematic due to significant differences in study design and definitions, especially the differ­ing measures of outcomes between treatment options.

ENDO NEWSLETTER: SEPTEMBER 2019: Effect of Delayed Crown Placement On Retention of Endodontically Treated Teeth

It has been demonstrated repeatedly that the quality of a coronal resto­ration after endodontic therapy is crucial to the long-term success and retention of the tooth. Crowning an endodontically treated tooth with a full coverage crown has also been shown to increase the tooth’s reten­tion. In addition, there is some indica­tion that the timing of placement of the full coverage restoration has also an impact on success rate.


Attaining adequate pulpal anaesthesia in a mandibular molar with symptomatic irreversible pulpitis (SIP) is the Achilles’ heel of local anaesthesia in endodontics. There are several theories as to why this is so…

ENDO NEWSLETTER: JULY 2019: Benefit of Ferrule or Post in Endodontically Treated Teeth

endo newsletter ferrule

Over the years, there has been a great deal of discussion about how best to restore endodontically treated teeth, especially with regard to the need for a post. Some clinicians maintain that the role of a ferrule is more important than that of the post, while others feel strongly that posts enhance the survival of endodontically treated teeth.

ENDO NEWSLETTER: JUNE 2019: Effect of Age On Root Canal Configurations

Studies of patients ≤20 to ≥40 years of age have shown that both pulp chamber size and root canal diameter decrease as people age. Such changes may also result from carious lesions, deep restorations and periodontal disease.

ENDO NEWSLETTER: MAY 2019: Successful Endodontic Treatment in Cracked Teeth

Endo Newsletter Iowa staging index

The proper treatment of cracked teeth requires a determina­tion of tooth restorability and pulpal status.