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Frequently Asked Questions about our hands-on Endo CE program

What sets this Rotary Endo apart from other courses?
  1. Four Endodontist faculty instead of just one or two. Learn endo gems from more than one instructor
  2. Lower ratio of participants to mentors. We have a 7:1 ratio at most, usually less, compared to the typical 10:1
  3. Three full days of CE instead of the typical 2 – but 1 of those days self-paced at home so you don’t miss clinic time on a Friday
  4. Final afternoon includes a faculty-led demonstration RCT on a patient
  5. Follow-up study club for local dentists to continue their learning, in a patient treatment-centred approach with live patients at every session
I’m new to doing Rotary Endodontics. Is this a suitable course for me? If so, how?

This course is ideal for both the beginner and experienced practitioner in root canal treatment [RCT]. The hands-on portion is tailored for each participant to maximize their endo training.

We will teach you how to better perform rotary endodontic treatment as well as various aspects involved in efficiently delivering endodontic care from the initial complaint of pain/swelling (or lesion spotted on a radiograph) to restoring completed cases. Participants will be able to practice the new techniques with the files provided at the course, or bring your own rotary file system.

This is primarily a hands-on Endo course. It is all about performing rotary endodontics efficiently, safely, and more predictably. In essence, the fog often associated with rotary endodontics will be lifted and you have an efficient regimen for tackling most cases you face, from beginning to end. The didactic portion is there to complement your hands-on Endo skills. Not only will you be better at performing endodontic treatment, you will be a connoisseur of things endo-related.

Participants can work individually or work in groups of 3-4 like-minded practitioners. Our four endodontists will then customize the direction each of you receives. This will allow all participants, regardless of their level of experience, to get the most out of the course.

We will survey participants prior to the course on your clinical background and learning goals in order to help maximize your experience and meet all of your learning objectives.

I’ve been doing my own Rotary Endo in my practice for some time. Is this a suitable course for me to take? If so, why?

Advanced practitioner learners can increase their efficiency whilst still staying safe and avoiding breakage, ledging, blocking out, and other things that can ruin your endo day. You will increase your productivity and predictability. Better cleaning, shaping, and obturation results are possible. You’ll also learn little tips, tricks, and gems that you never knew about through lecture and one-on-one consultations with faculty.

What kind of prep should I do prior to this Endo course? Do you provide extracted teeth?

We do provide extracted teeth for those who don’t have any. Not to worry!

However, we recommend that prior to the program, you track down your own extracted teeth, do some pre-access work on them, and take 2 radiographs and print those radiographs out to bring with you to the course. It saves you time at the program, when you could be refining your access instead of spending time finding a tooth, having the x-ray taken, etc.

What skill sets or knowledge will I be able to apply at my practice on Monday morning following this Endo training program?

The course will provide you with the skills to increase your endo production. You will be more efficient at delivering endodontic treatment and be able to avoid mishaps reliably. You will have more pre-op confidence, ‘I can do this’ in the scheduled time and have a result you are proud of. We provide you with a “Case Selection Protocol” which helps you avoid “Access Regret” (starting a case that is non-productive for you and not a great experience for your patient). The more you know pre-operatively, the more likely you will be able to select cases you want to treat, and thus avoid nightmares. In addition, you will be have the skill set to better handle dental emergencies effectively and efficiently.

What Endo systems and protocols are taught at this course? Are the course principles generally the same regardless of the system used?

Files and armamentarium will be provided by Dentsply Sirona. All faculty use different file systems in their office and will be open to discussing the different systems at the course, but we have chosen Dentsply Sirona instrumentation because of the phenomenal support and customer service from the Dentsply Sirona Endodontics and because they provide the most complete and well-researched system for rotary endodontics. Our two available systems will be Protaper Gold and Wave One Gold.

Please feel free to bring your own rotary system to the program and continue to master its use. Contact us if you’d like to know which faculty member is most well-versed in your system.

Is there a hands-on component to this Endo course?

This course is primarily a hands-on course. So yes, plenty of hands-on Endo exercises… roughly half the course is spent in lecture, the other half involved in hands-on workshops.

How many hours of hands-on CE is provided?

Half of the course is hands-on Endo workshops, so approximately 12 hours.

What is the student to faculty ratio for this course?

We have four faculty and max at 24 dentists. The ratio is roughly 6:1, usually lower.

How many hours of Continuing Education credit will I receive from taking BC Endo Solutions?

Over the course of 2 days in-person + at-home self-paced learning over 8 hours, each participant will receive a total of 24 CE credits.

We do not have access to a microscope in my office for RCTs. Is the hands-on portion taught with a large emphasis on the use of microscopes?

We will have microscopes available, for you to gauge their value in your own skill-building and in your practice. However, participants are encouraged and required to bring their own loupes with illumination. The course is not about selling or needing to use a microscope for successful endodontic treatment; it’s about participating in hands-on Endo and improving your skill sets.

Is there continuing dental education available for me following this course?

This course is being presented to lay the foundation for future courses, mini-lectures, and study clubs in the Lower Mainland. If the interest is there from participants to continue onwards, we are enthusiastic in putting something together for our dentists.

Currently, we host the B.C. Endo Solutions study club on Tuesday evenings once a month, October through May each year, in Richmond B.C., with a focus on live patient care every single session.

Visit www.bcendosolutions.ca/study-club for more details

Is this course PACE and AGD approved?

Yes. CE credit hours for your local college are verified by a provided CE Verification Letter, and the AGD credits [if you are a member] will be submitted on your behalf by Andrew, our education coordinator.

I’m concerned about payment for the program. Do you have a financing program available?

We are happy to personalize a payment program for you. Our registration form is set up to for one or two credit card payments, but feel free to contact Andrew, our education coordinator, with any specific requests.

I graduated from dental school recently [within the last three years]. Do you offer a discount to New Dental School Grads?

Yes! Dentists who graduated from dental school within the last three years [2023, 2022, 2021] receive an automatic $200 off the cost of tuition.

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